About Us

A Little About Us…

As a solutions provider, Koan Risk Solutions’ most important and valuable assets are our employees. To provide quality services, Koan comprises a group of exceptionally talented professionals who are passionate about serving the needs of the State of Hawaii, its citizens, and its employers.

Koan employees are dedicated professionals with experience and expertise in:

✓  State of Hawaii Medicaid (Med-QUEST) Program
✓  Health Care Systems
✓  Catastrophic Care Management
✓  Community-Embedded Care Management and Psychosocial Support
✓  Medical Claim Processing and Adjudication
✓  Medical Provider Network Creation and Management
✓  Workers Compensation Claims Management

The high quality of our work stems from a culture of supportive, effective teamwork. And Koan’s diverse consortium of partners is the driving force behind strategies and solutions that prioritize goals and a level of service that benefits all stakeholders.