What do we do

Koan Risk Solutions provides diversified healthcare and insurance services for the State of Hawaii. We are the third-party administrator of the Hawaii Medicaid SHOTT Program (State of Hawaii Organ and Tissue Transplant Program) and provide case management and authorization of payments for services rendered to Hawaii Medicaid recipients. Koan also provides Commercial Insurance risk management services to businesses in the State of Hawaii.

How we do it

At Koan Risk Solutions, we believe that ohana comes first. Our most important and valuable assets are our employees, partners and clients… people we consider members of the Koan family are of extraordinary talent and passion. Our high quality of work for everyone stems from this tight knit culture of support and effective teamwork to serve the needs of the State of Hawaii, its citizens and its employers.

SHOTT Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SHOTT program?

The State of Hawaii Organ and Tissue Transplant, or SHOTT, program coordinates medical services for Hawaii Medicaid patients who require an organ or tissue transplant. Koan Risk Solutions has been contracted by the Hawaii Medicaid (Med-QUEST) to assist clients and providers and administer the SHOTT program.

What expenses does the SHOTT program cover?

The SHOTT program covers the cost of your approved medical and associated expenses while you are with the program.

How long will I be with the SHOTT program?

You will remain with the SHOTT program for one year after your transplant. At that time, you will be transitioned back to the Medicaid QUEST plan of your choice.

Does the SHOTT program cover non-transplant related services?

Yes, the SHOTT program covers all medically necessary services while you are with the program.

Will the SHOTT program cover my medications?

Yes, your medications will be covered by Medicaid while you are with the SHOTT program. Hawaii Medicaid (Med-QUEST) uses a company named Conduent to provide these benefits.  Your Case Manager can explain this to you in greater detail.

Whom should I contact for additional information regarding my SHOTT benefits?

Each SHOTT patient is assigned a Case Manager who thoroughly explains the SHOTT Program benefits and guides the patient through the transplant process. Your case manager is available to you on a 24/7 basis.

People affected positively by Koan

“We at transplant really have to thank you for being so responsive to all of our requests for transplant…..especially ones that are emergencies, in house, at the last minute, etc.  We could not serve these patients without your support …and timely responses.”

— Dr. Linda Wong, Hawaii Transplant Surgeon

On January 31, 2015, a team of surgeons successfully implanted a heart in 17 month-old Jahaziel Faualo from Hawaii in Rady Children Hospital in San Diego.  “When we got the call that a donor heart was available, it was scary and exciting at the same time.  We knew eventually she would get a new heart.  We just didn’t expect it to be this soon.”

— Mac Faualo, Father of patient

We welcome your inquiry

Serving our greater Hawaiian family and all people of our great state is both our privilege and pleasure. We look forward to hearing from you whether as a provider or as a patient, on how we can help you have peace of mind, …and hope.