Our primary focus is providing management and consulting services to eliminate unnecessary workers compensation costs for employers. We are motivated and committed to actively managing work claims with attention to insuring the injured employee receiving prompt medical care and at the same time, manage the cost of the claim by bringing a high level of efficiency to the process.

We take a consultative approach by listening to your needs, learning about your company and assessing the best overall solution for your organization by operating in 3 main areas:

Data Management

A percentage of the work we do is forensic in nature. Koan will analyze the historical data used to determine bottom line costs and fix anything that is fixable including old claims – either open or closed.

Risk Finance Consulting

Although we are not involved in the insurance transaction, if a client would benefit from an alternative risk financing method, we will help design a solution that works. We leave it up to the experts in those areas to find solutions in the market.

Claim Management

The vast majority of the work we do, as well as the value we provide comes from a proprietary claims management system called The WCCA Method.

Empowered by the WCCA Method


How your company benefits using the WCCA Method:

  1. The reduction in claim frequency: WCCA clients enjoy decrease in claim frequency rate of 21%
  2. The reduction in cost per claim: WCCA clients experience a decrease in cost per claim of 51%
  3. The reduction in loss ratio: With 95% certainly, employers hiring WCCA experience a 30% reduction in loss ratio
  4. Client Experience with WCCA: Our average first year return on investment (ROI) exceeds 600%


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